Uniforms for Corporate Events, Retail, Sales and Cosmetics Staff

At Modoleen, we provide the perfect blend of style meets function; such as uniforms for corporate events, retail, sales and cosmetics staff.

With in-house designers to help you create a customized design tailored to fit your branding, you can approach us to dress your representatives for their day-to-day work or for specific events.

We know uniform longevity is important to you, so we take charge of our manufacturing and provide quality fabrics and workmanship, so that you’ll never have to deal with replacing uniforms that falls into ruin too quickly.

And, with over 25 years of dressing for many clients, you never have to worry about ill-fitted clothing. We have the expertise to cater to sizes of the general demographics, ensuring that your sales ambassadors and consultants look their best. We are also capable to tailor the outfit specific to the wearer’s body, providing a perfect fit.  

So, need a new look to revitalize your floor staff or counter? Or a chic, stand-out look for an event? Look no further. Simply contact us with your requests.

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