Brand Profile

ABOUT MODOLEEN Specialist in fashion uniforms since 1989

In today’s modern business society, the corporate uniform plays an increasingly significant role as an integral part of branding and developing a superior corporate identity.

Modoleen Fashions House has been established in Singapore since 1989, with over 25 years professional experience in design & tailor-made corporate uniform.

Our service of creating unique uniforms has been provided to a variety of businesses and industries over the years. We are proud to have satisfied clients from every segment and look forward to creating more crafted looks to new customers.

A free, no obligations consultation service is provided by us to advise on your envisioned designs and preferred colourways.

In Modoleen, our dedicated team of professionals are committed to provide our service of helping our customer create ideal uniform. The uniform journey of designing, tailoring and after-sales service ensures every uniform is made with attention to detail.